Playlist: A Loud Goodbye To A Wonderful Dream

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This weeks Spotify Playlist

I put out weekly playlists. I use Spotify because I have an easy time finding most of the music I want to include is there (and hope I can make some bands I like a few bucks).

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I used to be a mediocre DJ back in the day (which might be an overly kind assessment of my skills). I try to emphasize brand new music from the Punk, Post-punk, Electronic, Alternative Hip-Hop, and Garage genres.

This week’s playlist title was inspired by the untimely passing of Dolores O’ Riordan (the singer for the band the Cranberries). RIP.

A Loud Goodbye to a Wonderful Dream

  1. Tulips, Cough Cool, Stay Forever (2017)

Really nice mournful sound to this song, reminds me a bit of a mix between Sonic Youth and Pavement (which cannot possibly be a bad thing).

2. ‘Ndrangheta Allotment, Meatraffle, Single (2017)

Just typing the name of this song out was hard work <sigh>. Someone once called Meatraffle “the greatest band in the country right now bar none,” decide for yourself (I like this song).

3. B.H.S., Sleaford Mods, English Tapas (2017)

Odd that this feels like the “old” song on this list (it hasn’t even been out for a year). If you were wondering, I think that BHS = British Home Stores which went out of business after 88 years in 2016.

4. Have You Ever Been Furniture, Pissed Jeans, Why Love Now (2017)

I kind of treated “Why Love Now” a bit like furniture in 2017. I listened to it again the other day and realized it was a bit better than I had given it credit for. Mea Culpa Pissed Jeans.

5. Pearl, Flat Worms, S/T (2017)

I really dig Flat Worms, they are one of the bands that I have consistently enjoyed the most in recent memory. Good Stuff.

6. Upside Backwards, Viagra Boys, Call of the Wild Maxi-Single (2017)

This song is awesome. I won’t lie, the Spotify algorithm turned me on to this band. Need to do a deep dive and see if their music is consistently this awesome.

7. Dunce, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Single (2018)

I have been a big ESMB fan since I randomly found one of their songs in 2016. Really cool grimy feel to all of their music.

8. Ain’t So Simple, Protomartyr, Under Cover of Official Right (2014)

What can I say, I am a Protomartyr mark. I would put a Protomartyr song on every playlist if I could.

9. Here We Come, Sleater-Kinney, Single (2017)

I have loved Sleater-Kinney since “Call The Doctor” came out. Sure hope they keep deciding to put out new music. This one was recorded during the No Cities To Love sessions but they have a new album coming (slowly) as well.

10. Nervous Young Inhumans (Single Edit), Twin Fantasy (2018)

Teens of Denial was my top album of 2016 so I was very excited to see they were coming out with “new” music this month. Twin Fantasy is an old album that CSH are re-imagining now that they are a more cohesive band. Old or new, I am always happy to hear CSH music.

11. Not What You Need, Leggy, Single (2017)

Leggy are from Cincinnati, are on tour, but don’t seem to record too much music of late. Thankfully, they released this song pretty recently.

12. A Flood, Melkbelly, Pennsylvania EP (2014)

I loved Melkbelly’s 2017 release “Nothing Valley” enough to go back and listen to the rest of their catalog. This is from their 2014 EP Pennsylvania. Great band, great singer, great drummer.

13. Beating My Head Against The Wall, Jeff Rosenstock, Post- (2018)

Probably safe to say this was the first new release of 2018 since it was literally unleashed as a surprise on January 1st. I was a big fan of Worry in 2016, so very happy to get this early 2018 present.

14. Espionage, Preoccupations, Single (2018)

One of my favorite bands has a new album coming out! Very excited to include the first single from their new project. For those not in the know, Preoccupations are the closest contemporary relative to Joy Division. They are from Canada. They used to be called Viet Cong, but were forced to change their name after they had a pretty bad explanation, in an interview, for why they called themselves Viet Cong. Still a consistently great band if you love very cold atmospheric music (I do).

15. Jesse, Frankie Cosmos, Single (2018)

Who doesn’t love Frankie Cosmos aka Great Kline. This single is harbinger of her third album “Vessel.” Lovely song.

16. Number One (In New York), Titus Andronicus, Single (2018)

This is supposedly a new direction for Titus Andronicus, which seems a bit odd too me. They have always been as cinematic a band as they were a punk or garage act (their breakout album was a civil war concept album for goodness sakes). Still, this first new single is quite good. New album “A Productive Cough” coming soon.

17. Dreams, The Cranberries, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? (1993)

As promised, wanted to close with a song from The Cranberries for obvious reasons, RIP Dolores.

Okay, that’s it. Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

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