Nymeria and the Ten Thousand Ships

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Exploring “The World of Ice and Fire” One Chapter at a Time

Would Nymeria Have Been Proud? (HBO)

Last year I started to do a deep-dive into the book “The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and The Game of Thrones” until I quit for no particularly good reason. So, now that Season 7 is over, I am starting the series back up. This week I am covering the “Ten Thousand Ships” chapter.


This series is for people who enjoy a deeper-dive into the ASOIAF books. If you have not read the books or are behind on the television series *Spoiler Alert*

All’s Well That Ends Well?

Sand Snake Powers Activate (HBO)

In short form, after the Roynish got their butts thoroughly handed to them by the Freehold, Princess Nymeria of Nar Sar gathered all able survivors and made for the seas in “Ten Thousand Ships” (some people recorded Nymeria leaving with closer to 1000 ships than 10,000 ships).

Anyway, after several detours Nymeria and what remained of her fleet landed in Dorne where everyone in Dorne rejected them except for the House of Martell led by, at the time, Lord Mors Martell (of the Sandship).

Nymeria and Mors got married and united their lines, most of Nymeria’s fighters married Martell allies and the two houses became entirely intertwined and Nymeria’s fighting spirit, until recently, lived on in the Sand Snakes (RIP).

Probably also worth mentioning here that after the death of Mors, Nymeria ruled Dorne for almost 27 years (pretty impressive). She later married two more times including her final marriage to Davos Dayne aka “The Sword of the Morning.”

The Birth Of Greyscale

Greyscale Is To Be Avoided (HBO)

The “10,000 ships” chapter is pretty eventful because it also includes the legend of how Greyscale started.

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