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Re-Introducing Angela Moss before the Season 3 premiere of Mr. Robot

Angela Moss Executive (USA Network)

It is less than one week until the season three premiere of Mr. Robot so as we keep getting closer to the premiere I have been taking a few minutes to reintroduce some of the main characters and today I am breaking Angela down.

<If you haven’t watched the first two seasons of Mr. Robot *Spoiler Alert*>

When we first met Angela she was Elliot’s supervisor, best friend, and confidant at Allsafe. Since Angela has had one of the most eventful journeys of any character on the show to date, it seems an appropriate time to ask:

Who Is Angela?

  1. Angela Seems A Bit Hapless, But Is A Good Friend
  2. Angela Is A Determined Fighter For Justice
  3. Angela Is A Revenge Agent

Angela Seems A Bit Hapless, But Is A Good Friend

Angela Moss is Elliot Alderson’s oldest and most loyal friend. She was born on February 27th, 1988.

In 1993 her Mother died as a result of the Washington Township Facility (WTF) leak which also cost Elliot and Darlene their father. As a result, Angela became friends with Elliot and Darlene.

When we first meet Angela, she is Elliot’s supervisor at AllSafe (but she doesn’t seem to be particularly good at computer security) and she is the live-in girlfriend of a really awful boyfriend named Ollie (who is also employed at AllSafe but is also pretty hapless, he almost immediately falls for a socially engineered Dark Army hack).

Angela becomes the leader (among the core characters) of the effort to receive legal redress for the victims and survivors of the WTF leak (After breaking up with Ollie and finding out that her Father was deeply in debt for her Mother’s medical bills she joins Antara Nayar’s class action lawsuit against the WTF).

There was possibly additional trauma in Angela’s childhood (beyond the death of her Mother).

During the password ‘whiterose’ meeting during Season 2, we see a bunch of childlike elements including a commodore 64 computer, a young girl, a cat poster, and other surreal elements surrounding Angela.

Everything But The Book (USA Network)

The childlike room elements were likely curated from Angela’s own memories of her own childhood room and the little girl was likely a representation of Angela herself from her memories of childhood (surrealism literally means dream logic).

On her desk, where she is interviewed by herself as a little girl, was a copy of Nabokov’s book Lolita (which has also been referenced in Darlene’s character arc and is a book about an inappropriate relationship between an adult and a child). In addition, in the ‘whiterose’ scene, the child version of Angela has been abused and beaten (but later claims, as abused people often do, that the abuse wasn’t real).

The Kiss (USA Network)

We also know that Angela and Elliot have deep feelings for each other.

Angela Is A Determined Fighter For Justice

Home But Not Relaxing (USA Network)

Angela, more than any other Mr. Robot character seems committed to trying to get justice for the victims through legitimate means.

In her own straight-laced way, she is just as angry at E-Corp as Elliot or Darlene are. One could look at Angela’s as a journey of discovering who she is and a journey of finding her self-confidence.

Deep inside Angela is IRON. She may seem meek and hapless but deep down, despite all of her insecurities and doubts, she is very strong. Her character journey is, as much as anyone else’s, a journey of self-discovery.

As Portia Doubleday mentions in her recent Season 3 interview, she and Elliot are working toward the exact same goal, but in very different ways.

We have seen her try to get justice against E-Corp in several ways:

  • Through the legal system (the class-action lawsuit)
  • Through becoming a whistleblower
  • Through joining the Dark Army

When she feels powerless or insecure she will find ways to fight through it oftentimes even repeating power mantras as she tries to overcome her crippling fears, insecurities, and self-doubt.

Angela Is A Revenge Agent

We Are All In Prisons Of Our Own Creation? (USA Network)

Angela is willing to go to incredible lengths to obtain justice against E-Corp. She ingratiated herself as an E-Corp employee, and with Phillip Price, just to get the information necessary to bring down E-Corp. At great personal risk she took the information that she got to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission only to find that the Government itself was corrupted and infiltrated by E-Corp.

Left with no options, and presented with a fait accompli by password ‘whiterose’, Angela decides that if she wants justice her only option is to join forces with the Dark Army. I think it would be a mistake to assume that she is any more committed to the Dark Army than she was committed to E-Corp. I suspect that her end goal has and will always be the same, get revenge (justice is almost always really revenge) on E-Corp.

Throughout Mr. Robot, Angela has often been forced into playing double-games as she negotiates her way to finding her own power and accomplishing her strategic goals. She learns quickly and will use any means necessary to attain her goals except for violence. I think her white outfits are as much about her ethical orientation (white hat) as about her fashion-sense. When push comes to shove, she will protect her friends even at risk to herself, but deep down, she wants to do the right things.

I suspect she will look ethically compromised during Season 3, but she seemed conflicted and ethically compromised throughout Season 2 as well. In the end, her goal probably remains exposing and taking down E-Corp.

For some reason, many Mr. Robot fans really dislike Angela. I find her to be one of the most relatable and most human characters on the show.

That’s it for today, hopefully ‘whiterose’ coming before the premiere (and if you are wondering why I refer to ‘whiterose’ so carefully, I did interviews with Sam Esmail and B.D. Wong about what the term means. Get ready for the return of “Who Is Mr. Robot’s Landlord?” next week :)

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