Glad Professors Aren’t Generals

Zach Beauchamp Just Made Political Science Look Like This (HBO)

#12 Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Sure Dresses Well For Battle (HBO)

11. Peter Baelish

Your Half-Sisters are About To Trick Me Badly (HBO)

#10-#8 Olenna, Ellaria, and the Greyjoy Siblings

Ladies, This May Not End Well (HBO)

#7 Tyrion Lannister

Remember When We Were Good At This Stuff? (HBO)

#6 Arya Stark

I Just Took Out House Frey, Now, Where’s Hot Pie (HBO)

#5 Euron Grayjoy

I Brake For Wight’s (HBO)
  • They allowed him to build 1000 ships of a kind the Iron Islands never used (they were coastal raiders).
  • They allowed him to build 1000 ships on islands that could never have provided the wood.
  • They allowed him to totally surprise and demolish a gigantic navy with ships full of Dornish soldiers with zero costs to his fleet.
  • They allowed him to teleport from one end of Westeros to the other at will.

#4 Sansa Stark

I’m Smarter Than You…Lord Baelish (HBO)

#3 Jon Snow

Aegon The Emo (HBO)

#2 Night King

Dude Has A Great Arm For His Age (HBO)

#1 Cersei Lannister

Total Domination (HBO)



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Josh H

Josh H

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