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Thinking Out Loud

  • I am a big fan of Alexander Payne’s work. In particular, I loved “The Descendants” and “Election.” I also very much enjoyed “Sideways,” “Nebraska,” and “About Schmidt.” I didn’t dislike “Cedar Rapids.”
  • Downsizing made me remember the book “Biospheres” by Dorion Sagan which I read many years ago (it is a book that suggests that our domination of the earth is part of a natural process and that our ultimate destiny is to escape planet earth and live among the stars). I actually passionately believe in climate change and that we should change our ways but, if we have passed beyond our ability to turn back the clock on warming, we might have nothing left but to hope that Mr. Sagan was right.
  • Downsizing also reminded me of an article I read decades ago (I can’t remember the source) suggesting that the best way to save the planet was to genetically engineer smaller people (for exactly the same reason suggested in the movie). Since then, this idea has gone mainstream in the scariest possible ways.
  • I wish that the previews and trailers had not given away the Kristen Wiig twist in advance. I think it dulled the emotional impact.
  • Lots of great performances here from Christoph Waltz and Udo Kier and from Matt Damon to Jason Sudeikis everyone does a great job.



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Josh H


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