Cut the BS, We Should Be Thanking Kim Kardashian Not Mocking Her

White House

Why We Should Thank Kim Kardashian

Alice Marie Johnson is a 62-year-old great-grandmother who has been in prison for over 20 years for a first-time drug offense (Some people will say a “non-violent” drug offense but I refuse to use that term). Despite it being her first offense she was sentenced to Life Without Parole (part of the “crack” -down during the mid-90’s “tough on crime” period).

But Josh, Shouldn’t An Expert In Prison Reform Be Talking To POTUS?

First, there have been no shortage of experts in prison and criminal justice reform talking with POTUS lately.

But Josh, Isn’t It Just A Publicity Stunt?


But Josh, the Politics

Look, if people give the President some credit for commuting these sentences but choose to forget that he:


My only criticism is Mrs. Kardashian-West’s use of the term “Non-Violent” as a reason to prefer Ms. Johnson’s commutation. “Non-Violence” is really not very helpful as a reason to pick and choose between who get relief and who doesn’t.

What Can We Do?

Even if you disagree with me about Mrs. Kardashian, you should still help out in getting these two people commuted.



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