A Short Note To John Stauffer

Yours Truly at a Fair Housing Event (I’m the tall fat guy)
Criminal Justice Reform Advocates from Nation Outside (including me) at a recent AFSC event
  1. While our debt to our victim/s might never be paid, we pay our debt to society when we serve our sentences (we should not have to apologize to you or anyone else for being free). If you want to endlessly punish us, change sentencing and parole guidelines.
  2. If societal safety is a goal, it would behoove respected institutions like Harvard to admit qualified formerly incarcerated people. Ask any expert in criminology what the prime drivers of recidivism are and they will include economic insecurity, social dislocation, and lack of opportunity.
  3. What is the alternative? What happens in a society with a permanent leper class who are untouchable and can never again prove themselves worthy. How is that a workable alternative?
  4. Imagine the worst thing you have ever done, now imagine that you were defined by that one moment every day and by every person you meet for the rest of your entire life. Now, ask yourself if you hold yourself that responsible for your own mistakes. If the answer is no, extend that same grace to other people. We are NOT defined by our worst moments.
  5. Moral courage involves speaking TRUTH (Veritas) to power not collapsing like a house of cards facing a first stiff breeze.



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Josh H

Josh H


Author, Criminal Justice Reform Advocate, Co-Host of the "Decarceration Nation" Podcast, Television critic and Movie Reviewer, OnPirateSatellite.com